Dental Therapy

Tooth filling

Tooth filling is a kind of restorative dental treatment used to repair small tooth fractures, tooth decay, or damaged dental surfaces. Tooth filling materials can also be used for the tooth surface for better chewing and bite.

Loss of enamel is a common element in tooth decay and can result in increased sensitivity. In some cases, a large tooth decay may require other methods of action including:

  • Dental crowns: For teeth requiring more support than a dental filling, dental crowns are often needed
  • Dental Implants and Bridge: Irreparably damaged teeth require implants and bridges after they are pulled.
  • Root Treatment: Infected teeth with damaged nerves may require a root treatment procedure or use antibiotics in pre-intervention periods.

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Endodontic Treatments

Endodontic treatment is needed when the pulp of the tooth is inflamed for various causes such as a deep caries or tooth trauma that cause the pulp necrosis (death). Often necrosis and the formation of infections reaching the bone part forming what is called chronic or acute dental abscess. All of these situations are solved by endodontic tooth care, which consists in cleaning the tooth from inflammatory or necrotic pulp, processing the sealing system with the appropriate instruments and filling this system with biocompatible materials.

Reconstruction with screws

In cases where the tooth crown is very destructive or a major part of the wreath has been broken, then to make the filling more resistant, use screws (intrapulpare, intracanalare). Once placed, it is done by filling the composite by restoring the tooth function and aesthetics.

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